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What are the Up Down All Around lesson plans?

60 lesson plans divided into three Series (A, B, C) of 20 lessons:

  • Series A for children in Grades 1 and 2
  • Series B for children in Grades 3 and 4
  • Series C for children in Grades 5 and 6

Available in English and French.

Format of the Up Down All Around lesson plans?

Each of the 60 lessons are in separate 4-page booklets; colour-coded & three-hole punched.

Why are Up Down All Around lesson plans the best resource available for teaching young children fundamental gymnastics & movement?

  • quick & easy for the teacher
  • excellent illustrations
  • new games each lesson
  • inexpensive
  • written by experts
  • tested in Universities, schools & gymnastics clubs
  • emphasis on fun, fitness & movement fundamentals
  • minimum of special equipment required
  • supplementary theoretical & instructional content for the teacher

Safety is our highest priority. These lessons plans help you teach kids to explore movement safely.

Who developed these lesson plans?

Keith Russell (Canada), Gene Schembri (Australia) and Tom Kinsman (Canada). Very well respected gymnastics thinkers.

Can they be used in gymnastics programs as well?

Absolutely. These are comprehensive gymnastics lesson plans that have been adapted to the school environment.

The six Gymnastics Movement Patterns covered are:

  • Landing & falling safely
  • Statics (supports, hangs & balances)
  • Locomotions (ways to travel)
  • Rotations (rolling, twisting, cartwheeling)
  • Springs
  • Swings

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